Our place in the Regional Park of the Sierra de Gredos and in the natural region of the Lower Tietê, allows us to do many activities in nature for its wide palette of ecosystems with significant variations of flora and fauna ...

Our location in the Sierra de Gredos Regional Park and within the natural region of Lower Tiétar, allows us to perform many activities in nature for its wide palette of ecosystems with significant variations of flora and fauna: chestnut, oak, ecosystems high mountains, river forest ... as for fauna, our region has a Special Protection Area (SPA) and we are very abundant mammals (ibex, roe deer, martens ...), reptiles and amphibians.,es


If what we want is to walk a large number of marked routes with different characteristics of distance, altitude, biotypes and difficulty, some suitable for mountain biking.
We may also develop mycological rides if what we like is mushrooming as air, chanterelles or desired amanita cesarean or photographic excursions to capture beautiful landscapes, golden eagles or mountain goats.
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Best horse riding:

The extraordinary landscapes of our valley can also be enjoyed from the perspective offered by the rump of a horse. A variety of routes are offered, from walks two hours to full-time journeys.
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If what you like is birds is also your destination for our region hosts a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA).
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Star Light:

In our wonderful night sky, can be made the best astronomical observations.
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For higher intensity activities, you can choose between practicing canoe down a ravine (, Cycling mountain bikes or road (we are very close to the classic Port Serranillos), Parks zip, paragliding from La Abantera on the Tietê, mountaineering or in any degree of difficulty.
If what you want is to know more about nature without effort, the museum of bees in Poyales del Hoyo, introduces us literally inside his fascinating world watching live in the swarm through a large window.
It is worth visiting the Houses of Park Gredos, of Stewing and Hoyos del Espino; Museum of bees or Toy Poyales del Hoyo; Olive Oil in Santa Cruz.
For longer stays is a good starting point to visit five of the world heritage cities Interior: Avila, Salamanca, Segovia, Toledo and Cáceres, each to a maximum of two hours. Ávila less than 1 hour. In an even smaller radius you can visit various Celtic forts (El Raso, Ulaca) and several castles (Mombeltrán, Arenas de San Pedro, La Adrada, Oropesa)
All this in two short hours from Madrid.
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